We’re the founders of AnswerRocks, and we’ve been in a wonderful relationship and have 2 awesome children. Soon we realized that we and our friends always seemed to have health and wellness related questions, not just about the children, but whether it was about birth control, weight loss, skin care, vaccines, what medicines to take or not to take, how to grow the relationship while growing the children …and the list goes on.

But often, when we’d go to doctors for advice, we’d leave just as confused as ever. We’d often go to 4 different doctors just to get a hint at finding the real solution, not just accept heavy medication per default.

Why wasn’t there a quick, easy and anonymous way to get expert advice and info that was actually relevant to our situation? Why was there no engaging health site for us, where we could also have frank conversations with other young people going through similar things?

So we and our incredible team built the health and wellness community that we always needed. Ask questions, get answers from top experts and peers, discuss products, swap tips, and browse entertaining, informative content.

Use AnswerRocks to get happier, healthier and make more informed decisions –and help some of your friends do the same!

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Petri and Radka