About us

We’re the founders of AnswerRocks, and we’ve been in a wonderful relationship and have 2 awesome children.

Soon we realized that we and our friends always seemed to have health and wellness related questions, not just about the children, but whether it was about birth control, weight loss, skin care, vaccines, what medicines to take or not to take, how to grow the relationship while growing the children..and.the list goes on. 

But often, when we’d go to doctors for advice, we’d leave just as confused as ever.

We’d often go to 4 different doctors just to get a hint at finding the real solution, not just accept heavy medication per default.

Why wasn’t there a quick, easy and anonymous way to get expert advice and info that was actually relevant to our situation?

Jack & Lucy

AnswerRocks is a high-quality health and wellness community for women. This is a place for you to be informed and entertained by juicy conversations, get answers to your own questions, swap tips or discover products that experts and peers love.

  • Our goal is to give you easier access to experts, to aggregate the collective wisdom of experts and peers around health and wellness topics we worry or wonder about, and to create a fun and engaging community where you can access and contribute to this information.
  • We capture our community’s collective wisdom via the Q&A; posted by experts and members and supplement this with entertaining, informative articles and product pick vetted by our experts and members.
  • Since this is a health and wellness community and people are often discussing personal information, we let you be as anonymous as you want, so that you can freely engage with the community. This does not, however, give you the freedom to post irresponsibly: With the help of our community, we will remove posts that do not meet our standards for quality or respectfulness. If a member is repeatedly disrespectful or spamming, we reserve the right to remove her account at any time. We collect, use, and disclose information from all of our visitors and users in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  • Customize your site experience. You can “like” or “secretly like” things that interest you, including topics, questions, experts, members, etc., and be notified when there is new activity. We collect, use, and disclose information from all of our visitors and users in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  • The community is run by our members and experts, who, in addition to posting questions, answers, comments, and product recommendations, curate the community by liking or secretly liking great posts, organizing posts by tagging them with topics and flagging posts that should be removed.