My Awesome Goals

Lol I feel like Im going off an a huge ego trip but anyway…

My broad over arching values are to help people, bond with others, be healthy and content and at peace doing something I love.

Now, within that framework, here are my goals that inspire me to action.

Creative Career in Fashion and Media as a top fashion photographer and creative director.

I love fashion, media and advertising. I spend hours sketching fashion images. Creating my own and tracking the careers of models both commercial and fashion.

So I want to find my place within the industry. Broad goal is to become a well respected Creative Director and Fashion photographer and Modelling Agent.

Short term goals:

I want to complete an 8 week make up course in fashion make up for Camera. Then I can start building up my portfolio. I want to understand all aspects of the business.

Start an art and drawing class to further develop my drawing skills. And do life drawing and fashion drawing classes.

Get into sales and promotional modelling for high class fashion events. That way I can meet lots of people, promote and sell products I love and network. Can’t wait.


I need to stop being a people pleasing pansy. I’m smart, creative and outgoing. So I am observing and writing down the ways in which I people please. Its an automatic thing I do and I want to make it a choice, so I can choose rather than being an automatic suck up.

eik New Member Asked on January 19, 2020 in Goals.
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That’s a great first step, stop being a people pleaser. Go for what you want!

Jessica Bennett Trainee Answered on January 21, 2020.
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