What are the benefits of not having a job?

Why am I so against jobs? Obviously having more income streams is not a worthy excuse for risking going broke and being homeless.

I’ve read in his post about jobs, that it is also about better experience, etc…

But I haven’t completely understood it.

Could you give me your point of view of why not having a job is worth the risk of going broke?

Bill Bedham Default Asked on January 18, 2020 in Jobs & Money.
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Hi All,

If you don’t work, things will get worse for you.

There’s nothing wrong with having a job but there’s certainly something wrong with having a job that doesn’t keep keep you excited, happy and makes you fulfilled.

Annelise Default Answered on January 21, 2020.
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It is not so much about having a job per say as it is not doing what you are passionate about and living a life that actually contributes to the betterment of you and society. I don’t think Steve or anyone who suggests investing in You Inc, is saying don’t have a job. I think the broader picture is find ways to generate income for yourself that can ultimately provide your greater freedom to experience life and grow as a person and in turn help others do the same. I am a believer that a 9-5 office job is not the way to go and I have made decisions in my life to facilitate that change. It takes time, personal development and growth and a commitment to your success. No one wants someone who can contribute to society to not have a job and become a drag on the society. What people here are suggesting is merely beginning to find alternative income streams that make your typical 9-5 job not the only option.

Barnie Default Answered on January 29, 2020.
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Getting a regular job is probably the best option for most of us. We can’t all run our own business.

The important thing is to understand what a job is. By getting a job, you’re basically subordinating yourself to higher authorities within a system. Make sure you evaluate how these hierarchical structures could affect your personal freedom, and subsequently your perception of yourself.

Antonius Default Answered on February 10, 2020.
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the only benefits i understand is that you’re free.

the downsides that i understand are, you’re broke.

the thing you need to consider is food.

if you can deal with the food issue, the rest will come to place.

i am a skeptic when it comes not to having a job/business/etc. because if you’re not responsible with yourself how can you be responsible with respect to society in general?

Arch Default Answered on February 17, 2020.
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How many hours you work is quite a separate question from whether you work for a boss or run your own business.

You could jolly well work very long hours doing your own thing.

Or you could work very short hours, as an employee.

Bartholomew Default Answered on March 2, 2020.
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